How emotions are being stirred up…

This observation copied below makes a lot of sense to me, in watching how social engineering works through TV programming. Why are soaps so popular? Because they engage the emotions!

Neuro-linguistic programming through repetition for example has been used by the media to programme the population and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations have most likely been involved. Common Purpose another not-for-profit organisation have been involved in changing the minds of leaders in education, police and all sectors of society through trainings using NLP I have heard. Since then these statutory bodies have taken a turn for the worse!

Interesting comment shared on FB regarding the riots/protests happening in America:

Some thoughts regarding how this all ties together I posted a few days ago. Not sure if you saw it …
“Some important observations I’ve amassed over the past couple of days on how this all ties together. People are being baited into rioting and destroying city property and small businesses, etc. Looks like Antifa?! are now dropping bricks in residential “white” neighborhoods, baiting more divide, more rage, etc. I have learned that CV-19 is a lower vibration electromagnetic “virus” which attracts itself to signature frequencies that we emit for example fear, sickness, anger, rage, etc. Those emotions carry specific vibrational frequencies which act as a “magnet” for the virus, thus increasing the chances of contracting it. So, what does CV-19 do to people? Can’t breathe. What were Mr. Floyd’s last words? “I can’t breathe!”. This is now the motto of all the protests. They’re literally casting spells by speaking those words. Heard of Gematria? Know why it’s called spelling? Law of attraction in full effect?!? Back to the scenario at hand. So they’ve been foreshadowing that the second wave of CV-19 will be much worse. Well, I believe I may have just tied it all together. Everyone (whether protestors, rioters, looters, FB keyboard warriors, TV watchers, etc.) is being baited into a vibrational match for the “virus”. I fear we’ll see far worse sickness soon from the “invisible enemy”. It is my understanding that the African American communities were already harder hit than everyone else by CV-19. Would be a real shame if the ones being baited into violent behaviors are largely who suffer sickness from covid in the coming weeks/months due to all this. Could also be a reason for the cops not pursuing people stealing and looting, like we saw in LA last couple of days…🤷‍♂️ These are only MY observations and what I feel to be the truth. Take it with a grain of salt💜🧙‍♂️🕉️👽


We are in a battle for our souls and consciousness and it is so important to be aware of oneself. Who do you serve? God or Satan?

This is a reading I did yesterday which focuses on human progress as revealed in the GeneKeys book by Richard Rudd.

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