Bill Gates the frontman for global ID


Please share this info as time is passing so quickly and the development of new tech for control and depopulation is almost upon us.



It is time for a bit of fun at Bill Gates expense see below, as he is making so much money from it all!



There is definitely an information war going on between the Deep State/global establishment actors and their media and the rest of us who aren’t paid, but share information that has been researched and because it is on social media it is debunked by main stream channels who have to support the ‘official’ narrative.

There are so many parts to the agenda and here is a holistic view (their description) shown ID2020 Alliance & Governance as well as another presentation by WEF called Strategic Intelligence shown in the picture below for COVID19 which took years to produce. For such global control, it takes a lot of work!

Strategic intelligence

Here are the players around the Pirbright Institute in Surrey, England and the history of the Pilgrims Society last century.

Rothschilds and Gates connection

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