Why has no other NHS doctor spoken out?


Whistleblower Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil says ‘It is exosomes caused by stress caused by the lockdown that is killing people.’ He is the first British doctor I have heard say this which correlates with other medical doctors in America.

This is a 12 min clip of Dr Adil  NHS Doctor says COVID 19 virus does NOT exist

In a more recent video another doctor joins Dr Adil to speak with Robin Two UK Surgeons Speak their Truth

We do have Dr Vernon Coleman’s writings from his website Heath News and tips

Here is a quote from Dr Coleman: Why do so many apparently intelligent people put up with all this garbage? What next? Will we be ordered to kill all the Jews, gays or just the people over 70? Why do so many people believe the lies they are told about the coronavirus? The worst and most dangerous lies aren’t coming from conspiracy theorists – they are coming from governments.

Remember the evidence proves that in terms of mortality levels, the bloody coronavirus is less dangerous than a bad flu. Back in mid-March, in my first video on YouTube, I described the coronavirus scare as the biggest hoax in history. I was right. Governments, for their own reasons, chose instead to treat mathematical modellers as though they were scientists instead of putting them where they belong – along with fortune tellers and economists.

I know YouTube wouldn’t like me saying that because it’s an inconvenient fact.

Remember: so far, in a season the coronavirus has killed less than half of the number the flu can kill in a season. If you don’t believe me just look at the figures.

Check out the number of people alleged to have died worldwide from the coronavirus. At the moment that’s about 300,000 alleged deaths.

And then check out the number of people who can die worldwide from a bad flu. That’s around 650,000.

You can suppress that truth but you can’t ignore it.

If YouTube cared about their viewers they would suppress the politicians and the media and the mathematicians producing a constant stream of unjustifiable scare stories.

The problem, of course, is that governments want to keep us terrified and compliant and obedient. They don’t want things to change. They are enjoying the power and are persisting with the biggest confidence trick in world history.

And as a direct result, people are dying in their tens of thousands – because they are being denied treatment.

So when will they re-open the hospitals and the dentists and the GP surgeries?

If they don’t then everyone will have died of something else.”

Here Dr Andrew Kaufman explains about the science:




I am aware of an NHS whistleblower, Peter Duffy FRCS MD, a consultant surgeon. who was illegally dismissed from his post working for the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust and is now working in the Isle of Man due to the consequences of his experience. His story is in a book he wrote called Whistle in the Wind: Life,Death, Detriment and Dismissal in the NHS.

A quote from the introduction to his book states: “The common factor in all these scandals (in the NHS) is complacency, a failure to learn, improve and ask critical questions and a determination to cover-up, ignore, deny and carry on in the old way of things, regardless of the cost to our long suffering population. Our most vulnerable patients suffer disproportionately in this respect as was brought home by the Mid Staffs scandal, where funding cuts left many infirm and bedridden patients sitting in their own excrement and drinking from vases. Yet just yards away, NHS managers were congratulating themselves on budgetary savings and their progress towards the great god of ‘Foundation Status’.”

On a positive note, I have also heard this doctor from Dallas, Texas speak to a crowd about how she has treated her patients with success.



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