Attack on the human being

Wise words from this young woman about truth and freedom

Most of humanity who watch TV and believe the mainstream narrative may be unaware of the various ways that we are being undermined physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually, but it is becoming ever more obvious with those who have eyes to see the bigger picture and have a more wholistic view. We have endured the flooding of chemicals into our soils and watercourses which reaches to us through the foodchain. Then we have been bombarded with chemtrails for at least 20-30 years if not more. Dentistry filled our mouths from childhood with mercury amalgams and we were given vaccines at school so we definitely have a toxic overload which if not released will create chronic and acute health issues as our bodies fight the unnatural infiltration of poisons.

With COVID19 it has become more apparent that the modus operandi of the medical industry I will call it, is to give wrong treatments with ventilators in severe cases, or use the body’s natural mechanism of fighting invasions/poisons, as in viruses, against us as a population. Then to quarantine more vulnerable people and to keep people in fear of the ‘virus’ by staying indoors and social distancing, goes against the natural way and more in tune with the technocratic dictat which is leading to the transhumanism agenda which we are seeing unfolding. Governments are just doing what their masters are telling them by billionaires like Bill Gates through institutions like WEF, WHO and the various multinationals who have all been preparing for changing society and disempowering people more and more and to take control of our movements.

So the mass population are believing the lies and many are living in a state of fear. I recorded this on that subject recently


Here is a short clip from Windows on the World Sunday show of May 17 available on Spreaker and YouTube and Mark’s website is Windows on the World

He has a library of shows where he has presented his research. The clip ends abruptly, not intended, where he says we are living in a real time exercise. The whole show is worth listening to as he talks more about the smart cities agenda.


We are living in important times and on the positive side it is about how we individually take our power and connect with our higher self and take the action that is needed for the betterment of humanity. If we embrace love for Self and service to others rather than be order followers of this demonically driven service to self faction of the world agenda, we can create a better and more harmonic future.

Here Sacha Stone gives his perspective on these opportunities these times present




Andrea Foulkes gives a positive view on the inner work we can choose to do now



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