Light and dark – different perspectives on world events

On the positive side good people who are experts in their field are speaking out. Here Prof Dolores Cahill speaks about success with hydroxycloroquine and #coronavirus

Our perspectives are informed by our life experiences, what information we take in from external media and those who have taught us in life. There is also our feelings and intuition about what is right and what isn’t in one’s opinion, which can be verified in the outside world. In my closest relationship I have often mirrored to me an opposing view, which became most evident during the Brexit issue and now with COVID19, there is no changing those ideas so it is best to agree to disagree.

However during this current issue of COVID-19 where to me it is more evident that a scam is being perpetrated on humanity by the constant portrayal on TV and all mainstream outlets from governments and global institutions of a false narrative in the case of the virus and its consequences. It is believed by the mass programming that it takes precedence in our household and maybe by the majority. The seriousness of this issue has created such fear of the unknown which has different responses in people and the lockdown exaggerates it. My views are alternative to mainstream and labelled as conspiracy theories except when they are accepted as possibilities but my experience with others who tune into TV for their information is that I am perceived as wrong. That hasn’t changed in this current climate except for those I know who think differently. So is this current crisis a ‘mind virus’ to measure who thinks what?

I have always been interested in the bigger picture, so I find it difficult to believe when it has been planned for and is available to see online for those who will look. Most times when terrorist events occur we find that a training exercise just happens to be going on at the same time. There is no coincidence there, it is all orchestrated for their agenda with ‘crisis’ actors. We need to be discerning at all times in this world of manipulation and illusion especially via TV screens.

I have called this post light and dark because I have been thinking about both since the Spring Equinox when I started a podcast with that name to record my thoughts about it in short pieces, you can listen here Podcast Light n Dark

Light and dark is part of life and is in us all and is being played out everywhere. As a Quaker I try to see that of God in everyone and the spark of Light that is there. I am grateful to find balance within myself and to enjoy peace in the natural world where the mind finds its freedom and the heart is nourished. As human beings we can connect through our hearts and via the Internet virtual connections as in meditations and discussions to unify our spirits. There are many opportunities in this time to raise our vibrations, be in a higher vibration of love, embrace and integrate our fears and care for ourselves and each other. ❤

Here is a great interview with David Icke and London Real, the power is within us ❤

Here is an interview with Cyrus Parsa who has a serious message for humanity


I agree with this statement I read on this episode 9 of my podcast Light n Dark

Problems with lockdown


One thought on “Light and dark – different perspectives on world events

  1. It’s all about money. It’s all about power.
    People have been dying ever since the first human death occured. People have been being killed, not by some COVID-whatsoever but by people. And the one to cause this very first death, was also a human being.
    So there is something that makes the world so sorry to know less than a hundred thousand infected people have passed away up until now. This world is the very same world that had deliberately ignored the death of millions… the death of thousands every day… until very recently.
    The panic, the concern and fear that are being controlled by quite a small minority so as to better control our behaviors… They’re all parts of the plan to serve (the ambitions of) this minority…
    If this minority has never tolerated anyone fighting for those who are actually in need of justice, then there ought to be some reason to have them allow us to feel sorry and worried about humanity.
    I’m typing these sentences from Türkiye, a country where many can’t even locate on a world map, and as a Muslim who knows so well what Islamophobia is. I know so well that many of those who literally know nothing about Islam and Muslims, are the most confident when it comes to defining Islam as “terrorists”, and Muslims as “terrorism”. This minority is the one to not allow these psychopaths to talk about democracy all the time, while claiming they wish justice and freedom to spread all over the world.
    So what I mean by my above words, is that I never believe that one who specifically targets certain groups, may also be genuinely worried about the entire humanity.


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