Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity?

Many videos are now available talking about the dangers from 5G

Good info here Nick wrote a useful book

This was a recent talk I did in the park at LoveEarth festival

Deborah Tavares has collected documentation as proof for years see her interview here Stop the Crime website

– this one looks at the Directed Energy Weapon aspect DEW’s is part of the 5G system

Dr Katherine Horton talks with Alfred Webre

on her website she talks about the antennas of the 5G system Stop007 and the beams

here is an advert for the technology Radwin 5000

another important find is proof of planned genocide From Ryan Zimmerman

Here is a video from a year ago warning about what is rolling out 5G is a #killgrid from the Fullerton Informer

One thought on “Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity?

  1. There are a lot of accusations in this piece but no references at all which is a pity as the accusations the piece contains are serious and if true, deserve investigating.


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