Towards a healthy retired life

Lord's prayer astrology

Interesting times!

I am grateful to have time for reflection, research and learning how to live heathily in this corrupted world. Our nature is beautiful and yet our planners want to destroy it for so called progress which is against all that is good for people and planet. I have always innately felt that nature knows best and have gone for organic vegetables as much as possible and also wholefoods and especially macrobiotics when advised by an acupunturist for remedy of sinus and congestion problems. Now I am delving more into using essential oils for body and home to use more DIY natural products rather than commercial chemical concoctions. There are so many things that nature provides for us and we have been taken down a wrong route by the agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industries to name just three. I believe we should only use medicine when it’s an emergency and try to allow and assist our bodies to heal themselves. This requires more discipline about what we put into our bodies in the first place – ‘we are what we eat’ is becoming more and more evident. We are certainly up against it for the whole human race to survive without being destroyed by the toxins in our environment making us ill, which includes the detrimental effects of the electromagnetic fields too. There are many self-help books on these subjects and one I bought years ago was Dr Hulda Clark’s ‘The Cure for all diseases’ and she went into detail on the many parasites within us and what we can do to eliminate them, using energy medicine and herbs. Detoxing seems to be too much hassle, expense and takes too much time when you have a busy life, but isn’t our health important enough? We have to balance our priorities and take responsibility for our own wellbeing and health – you know you’re worth it!

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