Northern Greenhouse Launch Speech

A beautiful vision for the north!


imageTuesday 8th November 2016

@ Islington Mill, James Street, Salford

Speaker: James Walsh

“Thanks to the Salford TUC & John Catterall for hosting this event, Happy 150th Birthday to the Salford TUC, I have worked out that my Great Grandparents arrived in Salford 140 years ago, so my family have been knocking around Salford almost as long as the TUC

A big thank you also to all the speakers at the event today, we have heard some superb thought provoking speeches on a range of subjects such as climate change, floods, renewable energy projects, capitalism, the One Million Climate Jobs campaign, Greenpeace & the anti-fracking movement

I’m here to speak about EcoTourism, so the first thing I would say is to have a fully functioning global EcoTourism industry you need to have stability & peace, therefore, I feel that the people should be demanding that in the Paris…

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