Leave Lancashire a-Fracking-lone!

We deal in facts Mr Egan and cronies so let’s tell it like it is!


For those of you not in the know or deliberately abstaining from the joke that is our national news service, today the Lords of the land (via their Westminster mouthpiece) overturned Lancashire County Council’s planning decision to reject Fracking.

Honestly, my biggest reaction at this news is for the community of people who’ve worked so hard to first educate themselves, then expend a ridiculous amount of energy informing others, marching, singing, campaigning, drumming, researching, leafleting, camping (!) , drawing, writing, cataloging, stall-manning, door-knocking and endless conversations with others along the way… and all the usual human mess that comes with being part of a wider movement of diverse people.

You are all brilliant and that camaraderie is the silver lining of this total farce.

That and people realizing and accepting that #Democracy is just a bullshit word.

Love to all my friends who are absorbing this news and preparing…

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