Northerners 10 Key Demands For Paris Climate Talks 2015

Green and clean for us now!


greenjobsnow#COP21 #NorthernGreenhouse #FutureMakers

A Northern Spring survey of 10,000 Northerners conducted during 2015 today reveals the Norths’ 10 key demands for politicians regarding the North of England at the Paris Climate Talks due to take place from 30th November – 13th December 2015

1/ Pledge to create a Zero Carbon Britain, including a Zero Carbon North, in line with the Centre for Alternative Technologys’ Zero Carbon Britain Report, including all businesses to become Future Makers

2/ Urgent implementation of One Million Climate Jobs on a national level with appropriate proportion of jobs to the North of England creating a 1940’s style National Effort on climate change, with all political parties to work together to achieve this, and a significant proportion of jobs to the North-east, including the steelwork areas, where skilled unemployment is rising

3/ Alternative clean and green plans to be produced for the “Northern Powerhouse” including huge input…

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