Sprayed skies

Last day for walking in Gaistal, we caught earlier bus which was full of walkers when we were picked up. This time we started walk from Salzbach and went up the path we came down before and I felt much lighter and was able to walk faster with ease. There were quite a few planes spraying and leaving their chemtrails so the sky filled up by noon. The air was cooler today which also is a relief from the heat of previous days. 

We eventually had a longer walk than I anticipated as we went on the low route to Iglesee which was a disappointment as there wasn’t much water left there. We then continued and came back a higher route to return to Tillussalm and had a beer before walking back to the bus stop at Salzbach for the last bus. I bathed my hot and tired feet in the stream whilst watching a tiny brown mouse who froze when it realised someone was there.  We heard from our head waiter that the length of the valley was 18kms so no wonder we were tired and needed a bath to recuperate!


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