An accidental fall

My first time on an e-bike yesterday did not turn out well and was perhaps a bit too adventurous, as we didn’t know the bike route well enough and were not practised with these bikes from the hotel. We had just turned  off the main road from Seefeld to Mittenwald onto an old road and I didn’t like the look of this. I was following my husband and soon the road became a loose gravelled surface as it was going downhill behind a disused fake castle, when I realised that my speed was faster than I wanted and braking caused me to skid and I was thrown sideways, catching my face on the right cheekbone. There was a grass verge which I climbed onto and lay there to recuperate whilst in shock but also calm. I had grazed one knee and both hands as well as around my right eye and the front of my shoulder was sore. We went back to town as soon as I felt able to get back on the bike and went to the pharmacy, who sent us to the doctor next door, a very nice young man with a sense of humour who I took to straight away. So I was cleaned up and bandaged and warned that my eye would bruise and discolour more the next day, though fortunately no broken bones.

We returned to the hotel and gave up on biking and spent the rest of the day relaxing round the pool. I felt quite happy to slow things down and I wasn’t in much pain thankfully. I managed to disguise my eye at dinner that evening.

Today I had to wear my large sunglasses to hide the black eye that had appeared and for the rest of the day. It has been a hot day and we have done a lovely walk up the Gaistal and wasn’t difficult except for coming down the last part of the path which was also gravelly and slippery, needing more care as I wasn’t feeling too confident after my experience yesterday. I’m pleased that everything seems to be healing well and swellings have gone down and putting my feet on the grass for quite a while yesterday may have helped with that as I’d heard that earthing can reduce inflammation. 


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