Hundreds of £Millions Already Spent on Moorside #Boycott Toshiba!


#StopMoorside  Carlisle 30th June #StopMoorside
Carlisle 30th June

We went along to the Moorside smoke and mirrors CONsultation today.    NuGen’s Stephen Bray told us that the consultation is “not about whether the new build will go ahead”  as that has already been decided by the government and the people of Cumbria who “invited”  nuclear developers.  We replied that there was no “invitation” to nuclear developers only previous consultations one of which was described in 2007 in the High Court as: “misleading, seriously flawed, manifestly inadequate and procedurally unfair”, and Government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations were “unlawful.”

On the question of whether there would be cooling towers or a giant heat exchange out at sea, the reply was “there might be both.”  On the question of how high: the reply was an evasive “maybe like the Calder Towers”  which were 90 metres high…but don’t worry “the landscaping will hide them anyway”…

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