Who controls the weather?

I’m someone who likes to watch the skies and I think these days we are experiencing quite heavy trails being left by aircraft and especially on days where the early morning sky is blue. It quite often annoys me as I live in an area which experiences quite a lot of rain anyway and I notice that we tend to get rain the day after the aerial spraying. So I’m not happy with these unnatural white skies where you don’t see natural cloud formations. 

I became aware of research first of all in America on what they called geo-engineering many years ago and that tests had been done on the soils and they found high levels of barium, strontium and aluminium. Here is a link to a U.S. Patents list from 1920 and there are some interesting finds http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/ and the website I got the link from http://www.chemtrailsprojectuk.com/take-action/directive/#_ftn1

It seems that the U.S military have a lot to do with it and that NATO countries  are being chem-trailed. It is a subject that is not discussed in mainstream media, politics hardly ever and weather forecasters never. So is it about control and money speculation or more sinister agendas?

Is it anything to do with climate change or nano-technology? We in the north-west already have the highest reading of acid rain according to http://www.air-quality.org.uk/09.php and they want to frack here and create more pollution!

There will be demos outside Lancashire County Council from June 23 for the Fracking applications for two sites on the Fylde. We do not consent to be guinea pigs for this corrupt unconventional gas extraction industry which will increase greenhouse gas emissions of methane and turn beautiful agricultural land into a gas field and destroy communities.

For more information watch Fracking Nightmare http://youtu.be/63g9n_uqKnk

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