Climate change – what are we going to do about it? Can we?

This is the year of the UN Climate Change talks to be held in Paris in December. Is it going to be more of the same rhetoric with no change to the status quo? The powerful lobbyists getting their way? Certainly the Conservatives in Britain look set for full corporate steam ahead with no care for the environment or the will of the people.

I am heading for London tomorrow for  the Mass Lobby Of Parliament an event to Speak Up for the Love of… an opportunity to meet with my MP and speak about my concerns and ask him ‘what sort of world are we leaving for future generations?’

It is outrageous that the fossil fuel industry gets enormous subsidies from government and that funding has been reduced or withdrawn from the renewables sector which has so much potential and is cleaner and safer.

This is some stark facts from an author of the book called ‘The Green Zone’ published in 2009:

“Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed, head first and at full speed, toward total disaster for one major reason. The military produces enough greenhouse gases, by itself, to place the entire globe, with all its inhabitants large and small, in the most immanent danger of extinction.” —from the Introduction

This new investigation by Barry Sanders examines in detail the environmental impact of US military practices. In a period of unprecedented scrutiny of the social and economic impacts of the US defense policies, Sanders explores a completely different aspect of the situation, declaring military activity, from fuel emissions to radioactive waste to defoliation campaigns, as the single-greatest contributor to the worldwide environmental crisis.

Based on research culled from documents released or leaked by the military, The Green Zone is the first book to provide a comprehensive examination of the relationship between militarism and ecological destruction. Includes a powerful Foreword by Mike Davis.

Barry Sanders is a Fulbright Senior Scholar Grant recipient, has been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize, and is the author of eleven books, including A is for Ox: Violence, Electronic Media, and the Silencing of the Written Word and Sudden Glory: Laughter as Subversive History.

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