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Please watch this regarding swab tests

From Once Were The Living – Spacebusters documentary on Bitchute

Drs Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan together with Sally Fallon Morell have signed this Statement on Virus Isolation https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/sovi/

WHO insiders blow the whistle total immunity of Bill Gates through GAVI – world vaccine alliance

Technology of transhumanist agenda


unless you have another agenda!

Update on the vaccine situation around the world: https://21stcenturywire.com/2021/01/19/germany-probes-10-deaths-linked-to-pfizer-mrna-vaccine/

Do you trust the authorities??

German doctor Dr Heinrich Fietchner, states that it’s a killer vaccine here https://t.co/qfFByDYelf?amp=1

Quoting rairfoundation.com
This is a German to English translation.

Madame President, ladies and gentlemen: yesterday evening at 10pm, prime-timeTV, on the Anne Will talk show, there was an illustrious group discussion about the coming lockdown, which included Professor Dr. Uwe Janssens, President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. He made an emotional and lengthy plea about the importance these grave and drastic measures being implemented upon the German population. He explained how the ICU stations were being overwhelmed and overflowing with patients, causing a situation that was barely manageable. Around 10:13pm I called his hospitals ICU and requested to speak with the chief physician on duty, with whom I spoke. I asked him, “How many Covid 19 patients have been admitted to your Intensive Care Unit?” This ICU has 19 beds, and as of yesterday there wasnt a single patient! With such half-truths and complete lieiis, the wool is being pulled over our eyes. These propagandists that are invited on these shows for the sole purpose of creating panic and fear among the population. And then there’s the whole “infection” narrative and the test. This test isnt even capable of making the distinction between an active virus and an inactive virus. Just as the Senate in Berlin had to admit. Regardless, it is being registered as an infection. So if a patient tests positive three times in one week, this increases the statistic of infection by exactly three. This test that is absolutely incapable of diagnosis is being used to implement drastic measures. And now the vaccine is coming. What nonsense. I’ve said it before: its a killer vaccine It’s a pharmaceutical product for which there isn’t even a toxicology report. It’s just going to be given to people. Theres a possibility that it may cause infertility in women, severe allergic reactions, and you want to inflict this unreasonable imposition upon citizens. Thats right, and you will, because you made them afraid beforehand. You are putting the lives of citizens at risk. You putting existences at risk. You are destroying an entire country. You are leading people into suffering, panic, ruin and death! At this point, you cant even justify these measures, the masks, social distancing, quarantine, and the lockdowns. Following an enquiry, the answer I received was, Quote.“A review of non-pharmacological measures has not been documented. Accordingly, there are no administrative procedures or files pertaining to such results in existence.” Quote ends.
The absolute capitulation! What nerve! You demand people endure quarantine, but can’t even give evidence why they should! You are leading our country into ruin! Dr. Fiechtner continues. it’s high time. At this point, in light of the fact that it is no longer possible for citizens to exercise their rights, the civic duty for citizens to obey the rule of law is now broken. In Article 20 paragraph 4 [German constitution] citizens have the right of resistance in defense against an illegally exercised state power… Dr. Fiechtner, it is high time that you stop because your speaking time expired a long time ago. In closing, Dr Fiechtner said.
A legislative branch which acts accordingly is needed.

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner. “

Source information here:

We Are Vaxxed FB live https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca/information-for-healthcare-professionals-on-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca

Sacha Stone on the shots

American lawyer speaks with Alex Jones about the franken-shots that are being rolled out now, Dr. Francis Boyle: ‘Bioweapon’ mRNA Vaccines Violate Nuremburg Ruling Against Nazi Cruelty

December 6th, 2020 https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/ex-pfizer-exec-demands-eu-halt-covid-19-vaccine-studies-over-indefinite-infertility-and

Ask the experts
Nothing new under the sun?
Celeste Solum on High Dangers to Humans from hydrogel

Celeste’s blogs are here https://shepherdsheart.life/blogs/news

Here is the reading of the document – The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020


Important research for Americans, maybe mirrored in UK. Operation Warpspeed exposed https://www.bitchute.com/video/zK1dESROnsyt/

Doctors alliance latest https://acu2020.org/english-versions/

Crimes against humanity challenge – censored on YouTube! Here is

Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s video on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/zarFW3hwuyBc/

For those who haven’t been convinced that mask wearing is not a protection for your health, please watch this video about the dangers of mask wearing by testing with expensive equipment used by the fire service on three different mask types by Jeff Neff. The video got taken down from YouTube with a strike against my channel, so it was not allowed for public consumption as it doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative.

Here is a recent global report on COVID19


There are many things that are happening in this world that goes on behind the scenes because it doesn’t get reported by MSM. One of the biggest is the Secret Space Program and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot has done at least 15 years of research in this area. Here is her latest update on many issues aired on Sept 22, 2020 which has been taken down from YouTube. See her website link below or Bitchute channel https://projectcamelotportal.com/2020/09/22/kerrys-intel-update-9-22-20-snipers-covid-tests/

Dr Carrie Madej explains about the new vaccine

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Watch this highly informative video by fellow physician Dr. Carrie Madej, explaining the 3 major components of the Moderna vaccine and the implications. This is a must view video. If this video doesn't open the eyes of those who don't get it, who I refer to affectionately as "sheeple", nothing will! I've previously brought up how if we allow the mandatory vaccination rhetoric to proceed, humans will no longer be human. And I've talked about Moderna and the implications of their RNA vaccine which has never been commercially produced before. But Dr. Madej does an outstanding job going into greater detail. Watch this, and share it with everyone. But Dr. Madej is wrong about one thing. She says it "may" cause genetic modification in our genome. Remember, the function of RNA is to repair and re-write the DNA. She's being overly generous with her words…it WILL cause a genetic change which will continue to re-write and "repair", ie, change our DNA. In addition, the PLANDemic full length movie came out yesterday. If you haven't watched it, watch it now on Bitchute or on London Real. #covid19 #covidconspiracy #corona #patriots #patriot #qanon #DrButtar #AHEADMAP #AdvancedMedicine #AdvancedMedicineConference #IADFW #Fitness #Longevity #livelonger #livehealthy #power #facts #knowledge #truth #empowerment #livefree #livefreeordie #populationcontrol #whistleblower #soldiers #wechangetheworld #healthfreedom #health #freedom #medicalfreedom

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Message to parents not to send your children to school this September, as they can be legally taken from there to COVID testing centres and parents can not interfere!

See the Coronavirus Act https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2020/7/contents

Please watch the video below, a warning to parents!

Jesse from Earth United speaks of how we need to connect within ourselves and find #unity through #love

Frontline doctors speak out in the U.S 


Panel on corruption in the UK

Warning about mask wearing from a scientist who knows about corruption in the scientific establishment.

Max Igan has been de-platformed from YouTube for challenging the system

More info here from Ramola D If you wish to write to John Paterson, the address is The Chichester Centre, Pine Ward, Graylingwell Drive, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 6GS If You Know and EVERYONE Should Know: John-Alexander: Paterson and What he’s been doing to Help clean Up and Make Britain Great again Then Please Call Pine Ward on 01243 791920 and Let them Know That: John-Alexander: Paterson is/Does NOT have A Mentally illness or suffering from Grand Delusions (:The-178-Arch-leader-Files-exist as Does Money-Laundering-@-788-790-Finchley-Road-exist,: Hampstead-Children’s-Report-on-Satanic-Ritual-Abuse-exist and: The-Royal-Commission-exists) and that they must put this Fact in: John-Alexander: Paterson’s File and let : John-Alexander: Paterson know that WE-THE-PEOPLE are [de]manding and commanding that the “Doctor” Mustafa Saoud Must release: John-Alexander: Paterson and STOP-ALL-ATTEMPTS-OF-FORCED-MEDICATION… MAY THE CREATORS FORCE/WILL BE WITH YOU’LL AND MAY THIS FORCE FREE: John-Alexander: Paterson. SO-BE-IT. This video shows what John Paterson was exposing which has been censored in UK now  

That was my call, please call Pine Ward on 01243791920 and demand the release of John Paterson if that is what feels right to you …