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Warning about mask wearing from a scientist who knows about corruption in the scientific establishment.

Here is a report by Max Igan which is interesting global news


Re current protests on race, here are government statistics on racial homicides from the U.S. You may be surprised!


Is just shows how mainstream media can manipulate the masses or should I say how deceived we can be.

Just seen this shared on Social media from the Daily Telegraph about


Here is an article from 2009 From the Guardian newspaper

Is counter-intelligence at work here? I did a blog last year about controlled opposition and now I have heard that John Paterson, Prof. George Lees, Max Igan, Ken O’Keefe, Mark Windows and Vinny Eastwood are part of that agenda??

Here is an interview from last year by Jim Fetzer with Greg Hallett talking about these people and situations from Greg’s website

What is the truth? Protect the children from harm and teach them well.


More info here from Ramola D

If you wish to write to John Paterson, the address is The Chichester Centre, Pine Ward, Graylingwell Drive, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 6GS

If You Know and EVERYONE Should Know: John-Alexander: Paterson and What he’s been doing to Help clean Up and Make Britain Great again Then Please Call Pine Ward on 01243 791920 and Let them Know That: John-Alexander: Paterson is/Does NOT have A Mentally illness or suffering from Grand Delusions (:The-178-Arch-leader-Files-exist as Does Money-Laundering-@-788-790-Finchley-Road-exist,: Hampstead-Children’s-Report-on-Satanic-Ritual-Abuse-exist and: The-Royal-Commission-exists) and that they must put this Fact in: John-Alexander: Paterson’s File and let : John-Alexander: Paterson know that WE-THE-PEOPLE are [de]manding and commanding that the “Doctor” Mustafa Saoud Must release: John-Alexander: Paterson and STOP-ALL-ATTEMPTS-OF-FORCED-MEDICATION… MAY THE CREATORS FORCE/WILL BE WITH YOU’LL AND MAY THIS FORCE FREE: John-Alexander: Paterson. SO-BE-IT.

This video shows what John Paterson was exposing which has been censored in UK now


That was my call, please call Pine Ward on 01243791920 and demand the release of John Paterson if that is what feels right to you …