Part One: “Cosmic Disclosure” – The Miz Liz Factor (New: Addendum)

Bless this life! ❤ a wonderful extrapolation given here! ❤



Concerning GENUINE Justice — which I wrote about in a previous post below this one –there is another very important factor.

It is often completely overlooked because it is a subject full of disinformation, misinformation and downright lies as well as being a basic archetype for human-kind on planet earth and the subject of many many legends and mythologies as far back as human beings can be traced.  :diablo:

That is . . . the vicious and Highly Subversive DRACO factor. (Look at the cute eyes in the picture above. . . . uh . . . in the case of the Miz Liz Entourage, that cuteness is part of a clever deception.)

My knowledge of this particular Lizardly Entourage is very slight — but it is recorded throughout history that many human beings have encountered them face-to-face. I should point out here that certainly not all Reptilians are evil nor bent on having humans for lunch. However…

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2017: Global Wake up Call

Everything is frequency so we need to get it right with natural cycles and be in tune! We live in interesting times! 😉

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Red Magnetic Serpent, Kin 105

The Cosmic Battle rages on. Loss of collective vision. Depression. Confusion. Attention spans waning. Loss of Purpose. These symptoms are part of the acceleration-densification syndrome. This is the atrophy of consciousness that occurs when the human brain is saturated with too much conflicting information.

Four years from December 21, 2012 and despite all the efforts of great teachers, prophets and seers, humanity appears more divided than ever, with much global attention now being directed toward U.S. politics.

Americas lesson is everyones lesson. Because it is the number one power, the riches  of all the nations, and the world cop, the American mind is , more than any other, in a state of baffled neurosis seeking to maintain identity of control. This is a fundamental ego struggle. Ego of personal identity, ego of national identity. Both are a travesty because neither has any true reality. They are…

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Anti-Corbyn plots & the myth of the un-electable left

Brilliant expose of media mythology!

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain


Corbyn speaking at the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival and Rally in 2015


In 1978, the Australian social scientist, Alex Carey, pointed out that the twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: “the growth of democracy; the growth of corporate power; and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.” The corporations that now dominate much of the domestic and global economies recognize the need to manipulate the public through media propaganda by manufacturing their consent in order to defend their interests against the forces of democracy. This is largely achieved as a result of coordinated mass campaigns that combine sophisticated public relations techniques.

The result is the media underplay, or even ignore, the economic and ideological motivations that drive the social policy decisions and strategies of governments’. Sharon Beder outlines the reasoning behind the coordinated political…

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Democracy Now Described as ‘Criminal Cheerleaders’ for Bloodshed in Syria

Independent journalism has to be heard!

Fig Trees and Vineyards


[ Ed. note – Once there was a time when Democracy Now! was considered the go-to program for reliable alternative news, views, and information. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case any more. That, at any rate, is the take you are likely come away with after reading the very informative article below by Vanessa Beeley.

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Government minister faces double legal challenge over Lancashire fracking decisions

A community group and a resident have applied to the High Court to challenge decisions by the Local Government Secretary, Sajid Javid, over Cuadrilla’s plans to frack near Blackpool.

Source: Government minister faces double legal challenge over Lancashire fracking decisions

Northern Greenhouse Launch Speech

A beautiful vision for the north!


imageTuesday 8th November 2016

@ Islington Mill, James Street, Salford

Speaker: James Walsh

“Thanks to the Salford TUC & John Catterall for hosting this event, Happy 150th Birthday to the Salford TUC, I have worked out that my Great Grandparents arrived in Salford 140 years ago, so my family have been knocking around Salford almost as long as the TUC

A big thank you also to all the speakers at the event today, we have heard some superb thought provoking speeches on a range of subjects such as climate change, floods, renewable energy projects, capitalism, the One Million Climate Jobs campaign, Greenpeace & the anti-fracking movement

I’m here to speak about EcoTourism, so the first thing I would say is to have a fully functioning global EcoTourism industry you need to have stability & peace, therefore, I feel that the people should be demanding that in the Paris…

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