Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine on her Feast Day

From the book The Gospel of Mary – thanks to the authors Drs J.J and Desiree Hurtak
Introduction – ‘The very fact that Mary Magdalene had the vision of the next level of ascension by seeing Jesus in his transformation into the Light Body at the tomb (John 20) reveals to us that she represents the “creative element” necessarily present for transformation. While representing the mothering element which is essential for bringing us into the next level of evolution beyond the physical garment, she is at the same time the teacher who is instructing us in the higher Truths revealed to her by Christ.’ ‘But more importantly, the feminine mother energy which we identify with the Holy Spirit bears witness to the physical and spiritual birth of the new identity as mentioned in the scroll of John 14:15-18: “If you love me, you will observe my commandments; and I will request the Father and he will give you another helper to be with you forever, the spirit of truth which the world cannot receive, because it neither beholds it nor knows it. You know it, because it remains with you and is in you.” “The Holy Spirit can also be associated with the creative element of the Divine Mother who is superior to the lower powers that control the Thought-Forms on the earth. Mary Magdalene becomes an illustration of the role of discerning the good and the beneficial associated with heavenly figures for the advancement of humanity, beyond the lower thought-forms of limitation. The Coptic philosophers believed that we need to conquer the wrathful powers of beings who, like the dragon-force, represent what we would call today the ‘non-benign’ celestial hierarchies.” “The new findings of Coptic texts have helped restore a positive image of the female in the work of the Divine on earth, as with Mary Magdalene – a disciple and teacher, as well as a spiritual creative force. In fact, the Gospel of Mary as included in the Nag Hammadi Library is thought not only to restore the image of Mary Magdalene, who stands as equal among the disciples of Jesus in the realm of the Divine Father, but to restore the image of Eve, the original Mother.” “The text of the Codex commences with a profound question regarding the material universe, that is, concerning life in our physical reality: Will matter then be destroyed or not? Nevertheless, two thousand years ago something utterly unique happened on our planet –the ‘resurrection of the Christ’. If we take the event literally, Jesus as the Christ was able to convert the matter-energy garment for ascension, subsequently disappearing from this reality and leaving no matter or energy behind. In a true sense, matter was transformed into Light, and we would contend that it was not simply photonic light with a small “l”, but Light with a capital “L” –supraluminal Light, which is a greater Light that can manifest and demanifest in our local life space, as well as interpenetrate our conscious thought. So the answer to the underlying question is: Yes! Although it is difficult if not impossible to annihilate or destroy matter, this can be done through the energizing of matter into light/Light as Christ demonstrated. This is indicating that our system may not be a completely closed matter-energy construct as physicists have led us to believe. This supports the principle of ‘zero-point energy’ according to the findings of new physicists, who are telling us we do not live in a closed system. Instead we live in a system that has the potential of being interconnected with other universal systems of energy, so energy can vector in and manifest itself as additional potential in this universe, and vice versa. This includes, but is not limited to, forces and energy from other multiple dimensions, as well as parallel universes. Yet we can also ask a similar question regarding our inner nature. Will our physical form, our nature be ongoing, or will it be transformed? More importantly, are we meant to exist within physical matter eternally, or are we to embrace a higher spiritual dimension? In order to be transformed, we require the creative nature of life to generate a new form, and in a sense this is part of the work of the feminine or mothering nature of higher reality as described in the Gospel of Mary. The Savior said, All natures, all formations, all creatures exists in and with one another… –that is, all aspects of life are intertwined and interconnected. Consequently, we are not only interconnected with each other but with that which is around us. This implies that there is not just form and manifestation out of nothing, but out of something. We would say: become aware of the pluralism of life, become aware of the diversity of life, and become aware of the greater totality of life. That is, although on planet Earth there exists bacteria, insects, birds and other animal forms, the Savior is also aware that there exists in the heavens what we now call extraterrestrial forms of life in addition to the angelic and ‘ultraterrestrial’ life forms. We are all created from the original Life-Light codes of creation and so we are all interconnected, all related. Specifically, there is more of a variety of life in space than the varieties of life on this planet, giving us an indication also of our divine potential. Instead we need to see the unity of life from the perspective of both nature and supernature, which includes the invisible and multidimensional realms of life. …and they will be resolved again into their own roots. The codex is implying that we need to define our original root from the perspective of our consciousness mind. The ancient sages tell us that our prayers and meditation can reach directly to God. Moreover, while we are part of an ongoing evolutionary experimental life force, we constantly are given the choice to choose our path, our focus, our root; that is our free will.” I was prompted to pick up the book today and it turns out to be her Feast Day in the Catholic Church and maybe others I’m not sure.

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