What is happening to children?

A report by Caroline Stephens

First of all Caroline tried twice on YouTube to give this report and both times she had interference during the broadcast. Here is a link to the most recent one Caroline reports on the Royal Family’s involvement

As her words kept jumping I asked her for the transcript and here it is:

Earlier this week we learned that the Duchess of Cambridge had felt isolated as a new mum so she has launched a UK-wide survey to help improve early childhood – help improve early childhood – in BBC’s words. Catherine and her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, have three children – six-year-old Prince George, four-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 21-month-old Prince Louis.

The five-question online survey aims to “spark a national conversation” to help create “lasting change for generations to come”, Kensington Palace said.

Catherine is marking its launch with a 24-hour UK tour, visiting Birmingham, London, Cardiff and Surrey.

The NSPCC said the project would be a “vital source of information”.

I bet it will be because this is a charity that in the Independent less than a month ago said that there needed to be a radical rethink on grooming gangs after 19000 children sexually exploited in a year. Now isn’t this because everyone turns a blind eye? When parents have turned up to see the police they’ve been turned away? If you chastise your child, they can report you for child abuse. It’s like the state want your child one way or the other? That’s how it looks to me because there is money to be in this through the birth certificate system.

Anyway, I went to visit the Royal Foundation website to find out what’s going on.

It says that from June 2019:

Heading New charity structures for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

It was announced that The Royal Foundation will become the principal charitable and philanthropic vehicle for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will establish their own new charitable foundation with transitional operating support from The Royal Foundation. In addition both couples will continue to work together on projects in the future, including on The Foundation’s mental health programme, Heads Together. Work on this is still ongoing.

Let’s look at Catherine’s questionnaire:

Q1: What do you believe is most important for children growing up in the UK today to live a happy adult life? 

Answers include good physical and mental health

Q2: Which of these statements is closest to your opinion?

蜉It is primarily the responsibility of parents to give children aged 0-5 the best chance of health and happiness

蜉It is primarily the responsibility of others in society to give children aged 0-5 the best chance of health and happiness

蜉It is the shared responsibility of parents and others in society to give children aged 0-5 the best chance of health and happiness

蜉Don’t know

 Q3: How much do you agree or disagree with this statement:

The mental health and wellbeing of parents and carers has a great impact on the development of their child(ren)?

Q4: Which of the following is closest to your opinion of what influences how children develop from the start of pregnancy to age 5?

蜉Mostly the traits a child is born with (i.e. nature)

蜉Mostly the experiences of a child in the early years (i.e. nurture)

蜉Both nature and nurture equally

蜉Don’t know

Q5: Which period of a child and young person’s life do you think is the most important for health and happiness in adulthood?

蜉Start of pregnancy to 5 years

蜉5-11 years (primary school)

蜉11-16 years (secondary school)

蜉16-18 years (further education)

蜉18-24 years (young adulthood)

How dare the likes of the Royal Family enquire about these very personal matters. Perhaps they should focus on their own dysfunctional Family first!!  When Prince Charles and Princess Anne were one and three years old, Queen Elizabeth left them alone with their nanny and grandmother for six months. If you or I did that our children would have been removed from us by the state. The fact that both Prince Charles and Prince Andrew have had paedophiles as best friends, the last thing anybody should do is answer to the Royal Family not to mention there are various stories regarding parentage issues here. The elites never have to worry about putting ‘bread on the table’ and they have many staff who attend to their children at the drop of a hat but I think it’s interesting that people may get lured in with a hard luck story about being isolated as a new mum. Join the club Catherine!! Do your staff isolate you? Stop busy-bodying in people’s lives because the truth is that the Royal Foundation website is very much part of UN Agenda 2030 talking about climate change.

So let’s talk about the UN now.


2 years ago, the SUN reported had a heading UN aid workers raped 60,000 people as it’s claimed organisation employs 3,300 paedophiles

The dossier claims United Nations aid workers have raped 60,000 people and estimate that the organisation employs 3,300 paedophiles

A WHISTLE blower has claimed UN staff could have carried out 60,000 rapes in the last decade as aid workers indulge in sex abuse unchecked around the world.

The claim is in a bombshell dossier that former senior United Nations official Andrew Macleod handed over to DFID Secretary Priti Patel in 2017.

In it, Professor Macleod also estimated there are 3,300 paedophiles working for the world body’s various agencies alone.

Thousands more “predatory” sex abusers specifically target aid charity jobs to get close to vulnerable women and children.

And there has been an “endemic” cover-up of the sickening crimes for two decades, with those who attempt to blow the whistle just getting fired.

Sharing his dossier with The Sun, Prof MacLeod warned that the spiralling abuse scandal was on the same scale as the Catholic Church’s.

OK so why are the Royal Family getting involved with this? Apart from the fact that they are or have been best friends with paedophiles?

Finally, since we are focusing on children and obvious state/Royal Family interference (are they both the same entity?) then you might be interested to know that the latest Ofsted Annual Report on Children in Care highlights problems with England’s 14 secure children’s homes, unlicensed semi independent provision for over 16s and three secure training centres. The report also repeats our concerns about the rise of illegal, unregistered children’s homes.  the number of children in care in England is at a 10 year high; there were78150 at the last count. How they are looked after and educated should be a matter of general public concern.  There are few more serious responsibilities for a government than that of corporate parent – particularly when such an arrangement is reached because a child or young person is particularly vulnerable or has previously been let down. I can only conclude that we are heading for a breakdown of the family unit due to unnecessary interventions by the Corporate State/Royal Family. Something now has to be done and I applaud the announcement from Kevin Annett’s team

Global Press Statement and Announcement

Issued in Vancouver on Thursday, January 23, 2020 by Rev. Kevin D. Annett

   under the auspices of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) 

and within the Sovereign Common Law Jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata

For the past sixteen months, a Citizens Grand Jury based in Vancouver has carefully documented the evidence of ongoing crimes against humanity on Canada’s west coast.

These crimes include the rape, torture and trafficking of women and children, the harvesting and trafficking of human organs, the cult ritual torture and murder of men, women and children, the terrorizing, despoiling and dispossessing of indigenous communities, and the targeted killing of traditional indigenous people and political dissidents by domestic and foreign powers.

It is clear from this evidence that a continuity of genocide exists in Canada. The crime has never ceased and involves the same forces of Church, State and Business that historically led this genocide but is now is being led by Chinese corporate, military and governmental forces in collusion with the Canadian government.

On the basis of this evidence, and in my capacity as the North American Field Secretary of the ITCCS, on January 16 I petitioned the Tribunal to convene a Common Law Court to indict and prosecute the persons and institutions responsible for these crimes in Canada, according to the provisions of the ITCCS Mandate of June 15, 2010.

Special extra-jurisdictional Subpoenas and Summons to Appear will be issued to over fifty defendants, including officials of the Canadian, British and Chinese governments, private corporations, the RCMP and the CSIS, and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Churches.

A major European film company will be present at the Court and in the field to document its proceedings as part of its production of a television series on the history of genocide in Canada and its ongoing cover up.

So I wish you well Kevin and your team and hope that you managed to bring ALL THE CHILD ABDUCTORS TO TRIAL NO MATTER IF THEY ARE IN THEIR NINETIES.

Thankyou for listening.

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