143. British Monarchy (1 Sam. 8:5-19) & Associates Captured South Africa’s Vast Mineral Wealth for Themselves, and Impoverished and Demonised their Saxon/Celtic/Boer/British Brothers to do so

Simple Truths in Pictures

Relatively Easy Demonisation?

Afrikaans is relatively close to the British’s ancient enemy’s language: Germanic*, who were the Assyrians*, who captured the British 10 Lost (now found JAHTruth.net/britca) Tribes of Israel in about 722BC, and have tried again in 2 world wars and now with the EU, which might have made the demonization easier: the Boers seeming to prefer their and the rest of true Israel’s ancient enemy?

But British Israel’s monarchs are also their collective enemy: voraciously enriching themselves with lies and deceit Jforjustice.net/challenge at the expense of literally the whole world. And the Assyrian/Germanics have since become Christians, and produced the likes of Martin Luther, who, with the Reformation, led the escape from Israel/Judah’s ancient enemy: the Roman Catholic Babylonians JAHTruth.net/robab.

* “The Assyrians stopped in what is now called Germany and eventually became the Germans of today with their German Military Cross that is…

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