Discrimination and agendas

I don’t have an agenda except to tell the truth as I see it and if people don’t like it, it is not my problem. I am not nasty and I don’t wish to do others harm, but I do prefer to see the bigger picture and I do see that there are agendas out there and backed with a lot of money. When people are discriminated against for having views which don’t fit with those agendas and are treated badly, it reveals a lot about the hive mind and indoctrination. You are not allowed to stray away and this must go on in all kinds of scenarios. This must be a time of revealing as I’ve been shown another exposure of a well known figure in a different scenario to the fracking and environmental movement today. There is a dark side to everything. As I posted in other blogs we are heading towards a dystopian future if we are not careful…

30 thoughts on “Discrimination and agendas

  1. Hilary, sometimes you have to apply critical thinking before sharing divisive, destructive and defamatory content. I was saddened to see you sharing material which so clearly lies about me and others I respect . I am also saddened to see the fall out from that but life goes on and most of us continue to oppose fracking as we have done for 7 years now.

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  2. Nowhere in my post was I defamatory all researched and links to show the connections. Your up to your neck in it Hobson and I’m sure your turn will come, now that I have set the blogvapproach in motion. We are far too clever for you John because you are driven by money.


    • Joe – you make your conspiraloon claims because it stokes your own ego. Nobody with a brain really cares what you think or gives any credence to your waffle. We all know what you are. We all saw your “victory” videos where you ranted drunkenly for hours from a pub a hundred miles away from the action while “your” legal team did the work you claimed all the credit for. We all laughed when you sobered up enough to realise how they made you look and deleted them. (Too late ;-))

      Your “research” would only have revealed what lies at the bottom of a Guinness glass.

      The idea that YOU are to clever for anybody is a hoot.


      • No ego from me Hobson, that’s you and why you have a website called refraction, you need to have some importance in your life, your a sad man. I was actually over 200 miles away, so yet again get your facts right before posting, just as I did with my research you clown. As a team myself and legal team did wqualbwork but you wouldn’t know because you too busy working against everyone whilst defending Lythan where is that group John, that you and Roberts were instrumental in. Was that why Β£20000 was planted on doorstep. I have deleted no video, your team got it taken down because I wiped the floor with the lot of you.


      • Isn’t Lytham and StAnnes the same borough. It would be coincidental of course someone finds 20000 on a doorstep when industry pays for community projects. Guess we’ll never know but most people now are very suspicious.

        As for not being in London, I didn’t need to be because legal team weren’t either because we all knew the decision.of course Corre didn’t and why he was there. Plus we all know how much Corre likes to stroke his decision even though he lost. Have you seen case law by the way John, Boyd versus INEOS you no marks must really hate that
        Forever, having to see my success will be my reward especially knowing how much you lot will be hating it 😎


      • “As a team myself and legal team did wqualbwork” .What does that even mean Joe boy?

        And how did anyone get your series of drunk videos taken down? The only think you wiped the floor with that day was your tongue trying to find more beer πŸ˜‚

        As to “we all know how much Corre likes to stroke his decision even though he lost” can you translate that into English for me before you get too pie eyed.

        Why would anyone get excited because your name got attached to a case as a front man? Your ego really know no bounds does it? Nobody gives a toss whose name was used to front that case.

        And yes, shock horror – Lytham is connected to St Annes. No shit Sherlock?


      • Good to see you trying to defend yourself, just like Lytham John. Everyone I’ve spoke to can’t understand why no one has provided evidence to show my research is wrong including you. Guiness pint 3 here tastes a dream.


      • Er Joe – we don’t have to provide evidence to show your research is wrong. You have to provide evidence to prove it is right. Didn’t they teach you that at the OU?

        Your discursive approach (in the linguistic rather than the philosophical sense – look it up if you don’t understand) means anyone with any analytical capability who reads your rubbish can see it’s just a meandering, rambling, digressive stream of what passes for your consciousness.

        Why would anyone waste time picking holes in a string vest? πŸ™„


      • “No ego from me Hobson”

        “Have you seen case law by the way John, Boyd versus INEOS you no marks must really hate that
        Forever, having to see my success will be my reward especially knowing how much you lot will be hating it”

        Are you so dense that you can’t see that you are demonstrating that you are totally ego driven in every post? 🀣


      • Joe – that sentence doesn’t make sense in English. You may know what you mean in Scouse but you’ll have to translate it for the rest of us.

        But Yay! I knew I could make you say “discourse” πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

        You are nothing if not predictable.


      • Stop waisting tour time on here John, it would be better spent reading my works. You never know you could find some inspiration to give you a backbone, it’s unlikely of course. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      • “waisting my time” How old are you? 12? Learn to spell Joe Boy.

        The only thing getting wasted round here is obviously you. Again.

        Your “works”? 🀣 Unwarranted high opinion of yourself? Not much 🀣🀣🀣

        It’s hilarious being described as an invertebrate by somebody with the mental capacity of an amoeba. Have another Guinness it might help you to calm down.

        But I see you still can’t translate the sentence “β€œwe all know how much Corre likes to stroke his decision even though he lost”. Come on Joseph, even you must have meant to say something comprehensible.


      • Hilary – it is your blog, so having originally made the point I wished to I am happy to refrain from further comment just now.

        However, if Mr Boyd gets overexcited again and makes further unwarranted attacks on me or any other decent person I know I will respond accordingly.


  3. Actually Joe, you did but as you were probably pissed when you wrote it so you may have forgotten πŸ™‚

    “Rothery, Daniels, Hobson and Danby would oversee managing these tactics, which were negotiated in the months leading up to the start of the protests”

    You have never even met me you idiot.


    • Your connection to Roberts through Defend Lytham is there for all to see. So yes I was right to include you once. There will be more on you at a later date. Clown


    • I also have pictures and videos of the first few weeks of you being there in January 2017 protecting the deal. I’ve got loads more evidence John and I’m really hope you lot make the same mistake as INEOS and try and get a libel because it will cost you lot a fortune to lose.


    • Well Joe if we have met you clearly didn’t make much of an impression on me.

      Explain with references and evidence what Ian Roberts’ connection though Defend Lytham to me is. Ian is a lovely chap but he has never had anything to do with Defend Lytham as far as I am aware. So go on Joe – explain yourself.

      Starting early on the pop Joe – or are you just topping up the levels? Judging from the anger, the grammar and spelling you may have had one or two scoops already πŸ˜‚


    • Is that the best you’ve got by way of a response or are you just past being able to type already?

      🀑🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 🀑


  4. Hilary, I’ve taken some time to read your lovely blog and it would seem apparent from your journey that you have researched and considered both sides of the coin around Climate Change and have thus made a decision which not only fits with your mental cognition but also from a deeper soul level. When one takes an approach which differs from that of the main stream narrative, one is going to be critized and subject to tribal shaming which I have witnessed with yourself. Keep up your relentless and individual way of fighting the frackers and bless, release and move on from those whose who choose to shame you.

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