Britain Yearly Meeting Sustainability Conference for Quakers

This conference is being held at Swanwick conference centre and it is lovely to be back and meeting with Quakers from around Britain who mostly have been nominated to attend by their Area Meetings.

We arrived Friday before dinner  and gathered afterwards to look at how we got to this point in our journeys, particularly after the Canterbury commitment towards a low carbon sustainable community. We have shared our thoughts on many aspects of what it would take to make our world a more equitable and climate friendly place to live. I chose to do a workshop on climate justice and what that entails and we looked at the pillars that prop up the fossil fuels industry. 

It was interesting to discover that there was only one pension fund that was fossil free in the UK and the pension funds of most institutions and businesses invest in the fossil fuels industry. Government is making it difficult now for local authorities to divest so they certainly have a stranglehold. The two banks who do not invest in fossil fuels are The Co-operative Bank and Triodos who will have a current account available towards the end of the year. Quakers were the first church to divest their central funds from fossil fuels and now recommend local meetings to do the same.

It has been a lovely weekend reconnecting with this community of Friends who are all seeking for the best way forward for our environment, society and peace.

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