Women’s group

I’ve just finished a 10 week local women’s group hosted by a beautiful and intelligent Asian woman who was funded for her various projects.  It was mainly free-flowing with each of us sharing aspects of our week which often led into deeper discussions. It was very enjoyable learning more about each other and we may be getting involved in future projects!

Funeral of a neighbour and support for a Friend in hospital 

On Tuesday I said my farewell to an elderly neighbour who had been a good friend especially to my husband who had known them longer. It was a lovely church service attended by the Male Voice choir of which Eric had been a member. A sad occasion to celebrate a family man for which his children and grandchildren did him proud. 

I also visited a 99yr old in hospital and gave company to her son on two visits this week and was glad to see an improvement before I left. 

Now about to board a flight for a holiday. 

Hundreds of £Millions Already Spent on Moorside #Boycott Toshiba!

#StopMoorside  Carlisle 30th June #StopMoorside
Carlisle 30th June

We went along to the Moorside smoke and mirrors CONsultation today.    NuGen’s Stephen Bray told us that the consultation is “not about whether the new build will go ahead”  as that has already been decided by the government and the people of Cumbria who “invited”  nuclear developers.  We replied that there was no “invitation” to nuclear developers only previous consultations one of which was described in 2007 in the High Court as: “misleading, seriously flawed, manifestly inadequate and procedurally unfair”, and Government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations were “unlawful.”

On the question of whether there would be cooling towers or a giant heat exchange out at sea, the reply was “there might be both.”  On the question of how high: the reply was an evasive “maybe like the Calder Towers”  which were 90 metres high…but don’t worry “the landscaping will hide them anyway”…

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Faith and Power – a discussion in a Quaker Meeting House

QMH Crawshawbooth summer 15Tonight six of us met for a discussion, we wanted the opportunity to speak together outside of our Sunday meetings at a mutually suitable time. We started as a meeting for worship in silence then I introduced the theme as being about Faith and Power and the relationship with the Quaker peace testimony. I had taken the idea from this year’s Swarthmore lecture called Faith, Power and Peace by Diana Francis and the value that Quakers have to offer in today’s geo-political world.  https://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/swarthmore-2015.html

We started slowly and spent the evening sharing interesting thoughts and getting to know each other better. We hadn’t heard the Swarthmore discourse except myself and also not fully, but it was a good place to start. The meeting lasted for about two hours and there was plenty to talk about!

We intend to meet again on Wednesday August 5th at 19.00 and will see what develops.